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Our friendship is like a cup of tea; a special blend of you and me!

There are friends…and there are friends. Those who check up on you everyday and those you are happy don’t actually check up on you everyday. But it is not always that lack of constant communication indicates a friendship is growing stale. Sometimes, it’s just that kind of friendship that…you’re not really going to break your back over.

Check out these types of friendships! Find out the type of friends you have.

1. Bestie/ Soulmate/All the good stuff!: “You know you’re stuck with me, right?”

This group consists of the people you cannot go a day without talking to. If you haven’t heard from them the whole day, it is very very weird. You guys know about both the unimportant things and the milestones, and you’re usually there to celebrate with them.These are the people who are quite known to the family. You can always use that person as an alibi to get away with stuff. You can just tell your parents you’re hanging out with Jennifer, and they’ll say, “Have fun.” Because Jennifer is fun and you guys share a lot of things in common. Even when they annoy you, you forgive them (after they work for it, of course!)…because who else can you talk to about nothing!

You’re definitely in this friend’s wedding detail. Score!

2.Very close friend: “We are both busy but you totally know I’ve got your back, right?”

This group consists of friends who are equally dear to your heart but you don’t really have to chat everyday to prove that. There is a mutual understanding that if you’ve not heard from each other, it doesn’t mean the friendship is going stale. It is actually a sign of maturity. These people are quite dependable. You get in touch at least once or twice a week and you know all about the major events happening in their lives.

You have to be in their wedding detail!

3.xoxo: This is the  “I care about you, but from afar now.” sort of friendship. This other subset consists of people who were at one point in time very close to you but you somehow don’t chat everyday like you used to. This can be either good or bad; the relationship can further dwindle or it will remain at this pace. These are the people your parents remember once in awhile and ask you why you haven’t mentioned them in awhile. Sometimes a move can cause two people who used to be close to grow apart. Other times it’s a change in tastes, busy schedule or a misunderstanding. When you’re able to bounce back from a misunderstanding, the friendship usually grows stronger. You add xoxo in a birthday wish because it is the perfect blend between being indifferent and caring for the person. And also because saying “I love you” is probably going to be weird.

4. Oh heeey!: These are the people you know…but don’t really know. You probably don’t know their surnames or where they schooled or whom they are dating (depending on how you met) but it’s always a joyful reunion when you meet. The “I see you ky33s” and the “abi you don’t look you me.”s get thrown at each other. You guys actually get along pretty well…when you do bounce into each other. You never really exchange numbers or actually set up a date to hang out. You probably follow them on social media, but that’s as far as it goes. There’s always a close mutual friend or two who links both parties.

5. Errmmm…awkward: The hi-hi, hello, how are you group. This consists of the people you have small talk with. Anything else beyond that seems weird. These are usually people you share a common interest with like school, or church, or a friend of a friend of a friend you met once at a casual hang out. This might develop into a budding friendship or you’ll try to avoid them forever!

6. Oh crap: People you are friends with largely out of circumstance. Usually, you would not be friends with someone like that because there’s a whole lot of friction when you meet. They do and say a lot of things that are against the very fiber of your being…but you can’t really un-friend them so you try to be as polite as possible.

7. *Face palm slap*: People who think they are friends with you but you’d deny them faster than lightning. You avoid these people like the plague. By divine intervention, you do not have a lot of interaction with them, because if you actually did, you’d use a lot of bad words.

Funny enough, they are attracted to you like ants to honey. Because somehow they seem to like you, despite your almost cold attitude.

Are there more categories? Let us know!



  1. unknown · January 21, 2015

    ‘Rejected boo turned bestie’
    Yah that.

  2. Phoebe · April 20, 2015

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